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Mark & Sabrina Holmes

Missionary Information

Name: Mark Holmes
Age: 39

Spouse: Sabrina Holmes
Age: 39

Child: Joseph Holmes
Age: 13

Child: Victoria Holmes
Age: 11

Child: Brian Holmes
Age: 10

Child: Noah Holmes
Age: 5

Child: LaDonna Holmes
Age: 3

Mission Field: Nigeria

Years of Service: 11

Home Church: Faith Baptist Church
Gulfport, Mississippi

Missions Agency: Fundamental Baptist Missions International
, Indiana


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Missionary Update 03/27/2017

13 March 2017

Our ministry sends you greetings from Abuja, where we are in the midst of a new semester at Providence Baptist College & Seminary. Our training school has welcomed 5 new students, and we are planning a commencement in January for 10 graduates. The next semester will begin 9 August 2017.

We are pleased to announce the 9th Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference on 29 May—1 June 2017 here at Truth Baptist Church in Nyanya-Abuja. We are also thrilled to be welcoming again Dr. Mike Cox of Victory Baptist Missions (9th visit) and Missionary Evangelist Jim Belisle (6th visit). Each church represented will receive a "Pastor's Pack" of DVD's from Bible Believer's Radio, a Bible from BEAMS, and the Soul Winning and Leadership Conference manual from Dr. Mike Wells. There will be special forums for Pastors, Ladies, and Seminary Alumni. Everyone will also receive sample materials for a Discipleship Program that we have implemented in our church, and Bro. Belisle will be presenting a ministry training program called Teaching All Nations.

We are excited to publicize 3 Regional Conferences that will be held on the following dates:
* Missions & Leadership Conference at Independent Baptist Church in Port Harcourt on 19-22
March 2017 with Evangelist Don Wattenbarger of Bibles Beyond Boundaries (6th visit)
* Soul Winning & Leadership Conference at Independent Baptist Church in Calabar on 4-7 June
2017 with Dr. Mike Cox of Victory Baptist Missions and Missionary Evangelist James Belisle
* Spirit Renewal Meeting in Ibadan with Missionary Sonny McGuffee in June (more details to come)

The 7th Student Missions Institute for Training in Evangelism (SMITE) is scheduled for 14-18 August 2017 in Nyanya-Abuja; SMITE Ambassador Bro. Sonny McGuffee, Pastor Jared Decker (6th visit), and Bro. Joshua Carr will be conducting the classes and preaching once again. This unique meeting equips teenagers to reach children through Bible Clubs while giving them the opportunity to practice what they have been taught. Please visit our website,, and click the “SMITE” page for much more information.

For the first time, we are preparing to conduct 2 other regional youth camps at the following venues/dates:
* SMITE at Berean Independent Baptist Church of Ogbomoso on 24-28 July 2017
* SMITE at Independent Baptist Church of Port Harcourt on 21-25 August 2017

For the 9th time in our ministry Truth Baptist Church will hold a Great Commission Meeting on 5-12 November 2017. Activities during that week will include an Open House for Providence Baptist College & Seminary, a luncheon on Saturday, and a missions meeting for Grace & Glory Baptist Church in Garki-Abuja. Our mission board’s field director, Bro. Jeremy Snipes, will preach the missions conference for us.

Believing God,

Pastor Mark Holmes

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Missionary Update 05/23/2016

March / April 2016
Dear Praying Friends,
An eventful period in our ministry included the 8th Annual Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference during the last few days of March. We rejoiced in the return of both Dr. Mike Cox of Victory Baptist Missions and Evangelist Don Wattenbarger of Bibles Beyond Boundaries for the fourth year in a row, and we were thrilled to welcome for the first time the pastor of our mission board, Bro. John Wilkerson of First Baptist Church in Hammond. Leading up to Easter Sunday, both of our Abuja churches had special programs that boosted the attendances, including two appreciation days for teachers and Road Safety Corps (our version of the highway patrol). In April, I joined Evangelist Jim Belisle to conduct a revival meeting at Victory Independent Baptist in Ibadan, a church in which I preached during the first month that we were on the field.
Whenever local, state, or federal elections are held, for security reasons no one is allowed on the roads from morning until about 4 p.m., unless the person is walking to his nearby polling station. Such a time arrived on the first Saturday in April, the week after our pastors’ conference. So, on Friday we took advantage of a half-off weekend rate at our favorite hotel, requested a late Saturday checkout, and spent the “limited movement” day enjoying some family time.
As our update is being written in the month of May, this time period is always special for me personally, for within just a few upcoming weeks of each other, I get to celebrate the following milestones: 27 years since the day of my salvation, 22 years for preaching, 14 years being approved to serve as a missionary with FBMI, 11 years on the field, 10 years at Truth Baptist, and one year in Grace and Glory Baptist (the two churches in which our family is involved). My desire is to say that all of this is “to be continued”!
One of the most impressive works started by our graduates is the Salvation Baptist Church of Luvu (pronounced “loo-voo”). This is actually a third-generation church and has become a great example to our current ministry students; though the pastor, Timothy Gideon, was trained in our institute, his sending pastor is one of our earlier graduates. While still a student, Timothy held Bible studies in various homes for several months, until someone in the area allowed those attending to use his land for the starting of a church. The members banded together to raise a temporary structure; in just two years, they have had several Sundays of over 100 in attendance, and Pastor Timothy has started a Bible institute, a Christian day school, and a needed ministry to Muslim Fulani (pronounced “foo-lah-nee”) people. The membership now would like to build a more permanent auditorium, and I would love to assist them by helping them purchase a plot of land for $2,000. Would you prayerfully consider sending an offering to be a blessing to this growing congregation?
Believing God,
Mark Holmes
Written 13 May 2016

Missionary Update 04/01/2016


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