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Jonathan & Katie Switzer

Missionary Information

Name: Jonathan Switzer

Spouse: Katie Switzer

Child: Jeremiah Switzer
Age: 9

Child: Isaiah Switzer
Age: 5

Mission Field: South Africa

Home Church: Southwest Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our Missionary for 3 years


Missionary Update 05/10/2019


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Missionary Update 01/18/2019


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 12/14/2018


Missionary Photos

Missionary Update 11/19/2018

Dear Pastor Smith and Faith Baptist Church,

A few weeks ago, we came into contact with another independent Baptist missionary who is planting a church in our province about four hours away. Along with a new relationship and opportunity to fellowship, this missionary let us know about a young lady who had attended their church but was now in the Upington area. After a week or so of communicating back and forth with this young lady, we were able to meet with her yesterday (November 9). What a joy it was to sit down with this young lady and be able to share the Gospel with her! At this point she has not received Christ, but she is very open and we are praying for further opportunities to minister to her through the Gospel. Personally, this was a wonderful mile marker of God’s grace being very evident as I was able to talk to her for over an hour, going through the Gospel and answering questions, entirely in Afrikaans. We are humbled for God’s help to enable us to serve Him!
Thank you for your continued prayers for us. We are reminded over and over how dependent we are on the grace and intervention of God!

In His Service,
Jonathan and Katie Switzer
(with Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Alaythia)
South Africa