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Richard & Leah Jacob

Missionary Information

Name: Richard Jacob
Age: 54

Spouse: Leah Jacob
Age: 57

Child: Gideon Jacob
Age: 24

Child: Emerald Jacob
Age: 25

Child: Marcus Jacob
Age: 21

Mission Field: United States of America

Home Church: Temple Baptist Church
Powell, Tennessee

Missions Agency: BIMI
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 7 years


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April 2022

Dear Pastor and Church Family,

Greetings from the Jacob Family! The past three months of this year have flown by and have been truly wonderful.

God is working and doing some amazing things and we are excited to update you about it. Ministry News In the past few months, we saw 2 people come to Christ, 1 baptized, 2 being discipled, 4 new families added to our church. Stephania and her family started coming to our church from a gospel tract left on a car in a parking lot at the mall. She was a Pentecostal for 30 years and doubted her salvation. I encouraged Stephania to start discipleship as it would give my wife and me the opportunity to share the gospel with her and answer any questions she may have. On March 10th, throughout the Sunday School hour and the morning service, she was under conviction by the Holy Spirit and could not stop crying. At the end of the service, she motioned me to come and help her understand and accept Christ. Leah and I both went into another room with her and shared the gospel. Soon after, she prayed weeping, and asked Jesus to save her. It was a glorious day. She is growing in the Lord and has completed lesson four of discipleship. She wants to be baptized soon. Though she wants to attend our church her husband wants to go to a contemporary church. Please pray for the Elkins family.

Colton came to Christ before Christmas and was baptized in January. He is growing rapidly and is ahead of his annual Bible reading plan. He has been inviting people to church and his family has been faithfully attending church for the past month. Evangelism: I scheduled the men to go into our neighborhood and hang door hangers and did not realize that it would be well below 30 degrees. A few men came including Colton. This would be his first evangelistic effort. We hung seven hundred door hangers. After we were done, we stood in the parking lot and prayed for God to do a work. Colton asked us, "do you think anyone will come to church?" I replied, "we have planted the seed and God will do the work". Leah and I were at a conference on the 13th of March. We prayed for God to send someone to church that morning. After the morning service, we received a call from our kids saying they

had visitors. A family of five had come from the same apartments that we had evangelized. Andrew told the story to Marcus and Colton of how the door hanger had fallen off the doorknob, landed under a stairway, and caught his eye. He picked it up and noticed it was dirty as it had been on the ground and set it aside. He then ran an errand. When he returned, he noticed the wind had blown it back to the same location where he found it the first time around. At that moment he realized, God wanted him to go check out our church. That is his story of how they showed up in church and now they are attending our services faithfully. Praising God for the Beck family God brought to encourage us and to show Colton, He is faithful.


Leah's pin in her foot was removed last week. Her bone is still healing, and her pain is bearable. Thanks for all the prayers. She will see the doctor in 4 weeks. Gideon, Katie, Emerald, and Marcus are doing a wonderful job serving the Lord with us. Praying for godly spouses for Emerald and Marcus. We are so grateful to the Lord for our supporting churches that are so committed to praying, supporting, and evangelizing the world.

With love, prayers, and grateful hearts,

Pastor Richard Jacob

Nashville Baptist Church

Phil. 1: 3

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