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Steve & Nohemy Sidler

Missionary Information

Name: Steve Sidler
Age: 54

Spouse: Nohemy Sidler
Age: 54

Child: Angela Sidler
Age: 24

Child: Michael Sidler
Age: 22

Child: Sarah Sidler
Age: 15

Mission Field: Dominican Republic

Years of Service: 23

Home Church: Independent Baptis Church
Clinton, Maryland

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 23 years


Missionary Update 08/03/2015

July 28, 2015

Dear Pastor and Church Family:

We send you warm greetings from the Dominican Republic. It has not only been extremely hot here this summer, but also very dry! The entire island is experiencing great need of water. On the news we have heard that most of the crops have been lost this year because of the lack of water. My wife read an article today that said that if we do not get some good rain within the next 35 days the capital city will be out of drinking water. Without a doubt, the people here need the good news of the gospel more than drinking water, but many people are suffering right now. Please pray that God would give us a good amount of rain if it is His will.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful works among us during these last two months! Brother Johnny Serrano and Brother Giovanny Perez came from “Neighborhood Bible Time” to work with us in 9 churches helping us with special meetings for the children and the teenagers. In each church there were professions of faith made, baptisms in some of the churches, new young people reached, and great decisions made for the Lord. Next year, Lord willing, instead of 2, we are planning on having 4 evangelists come to help. These men speak Spanish already, are well trained, humble, and do a great job! We are excited already about them coming to help next year. We can do the same work they do, but it means so much in each church to have the help of a fresh face. I know also that for some of the new churches or churches that have been experiencing problems, their help is invaluable!

In addition to the Vacation Bible School and Youth Revival, our Family Summer Camp went great. The Lord protected us, spoke to our hearts, and allowed us to make great decisions. After a great message from James 4:15 – “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live and do this, or that”, 40 young men and 32 young ladies came forward with a very low key, but direct invitation. The young men came forward saying that they know God wants them to pastor, be a missionary, or that they believe that God wants them to, and they want Him to know that they were willing. The 32 young ladies came forward saying that God has called them to be missionaries, pastor´s or missionary´s wives, or that they believe and are willing for that. If we are going to be able to reach the Dominican Republic and the world for Christ, we need to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers into His harvest. Praise the Lord for those who responded! Please pray for each of these young people as their different pastors work in helping them! Also, thank you so, so very much to all of you who prayed and to those who gave to help us with our camp program. God did marvelous things among us!

You will probably here some more about this in our next prayer letter, but please pray that many of these young people would enroll in our Bible College this fall to better prepare themselves for serving the Lord, and that the Lord would continue to show them what He wants in their lives.

We are so thankful for your friendship and your partnering with us to plant churches here in the Dominican Republic. God bless you!

Your Servants and Missionaries in the Dominican Republic,
Steve Sidler
Steve, Nohemy, Angela, Michael, and Sarah Sidler

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