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Names of God Series

Names of God Series

Pastor Smith is teaching a series on the Names of God during the Sunday Evening services at Faith Baptist Church. This series will provide an in-depth study on the thirty-two primary names of God and will look at their individual characteristics. A full color, wire bound book of notes for the series can be purchased for $15 from the Beacon bookstore at the Church prior to or following regular scheduled services. The videos for these lessons are provided below. The notes can be downloaded from the menu panel on the right.

The Name of the LORD

Lesson Thirty Three - Melek (Part 3)

Lesson Thirty Three - Melek (Part 2)

Lesson Thirty Three - Melek (Part 1)

Lesson Thirty Two - Pele Yaats

Lesson Thirty One - Amnos Arnion

Lesson Thirty - Pistos

Lesson Twenty Nine - Asah

Lesson Twenty Eight - Yasha

Lesson Twenty Seven - Thura

Lesson Twenty Six - Paraclete

Lesson Twenty Five - Semah

Lesson Twenty Four - Petra Sur

Lesson Twenty Three - Qanna

Lesson Twenty Two - Qedosh Yisrael (part 3)

Lesson Twenty Two - Qedosh Yisrael (part 2)

Lesson Twenty Two - Qedosh Yisrael (part 1)

Lesson Twenty One - Alpha and Omega (part 2)

Lesson Twenty One - Alpha and Omega (part 1)

Lesson Twenty - Jah

Lesson Nineteen - Jehovah Makkeh

Lesson Eighteen - El Roi

Lesson Seventeen - El Olam

Lesson Sixteen - El Elohe Israel

Lesson Fifteen - El Elyon

Lesson Fourteen - Jehovah Shammah

Lesson Thirteen - Jehovah Tsidkenu

Lesson Twelve - Jehovah Rohi

Lesson Eleven - Jehovah Tsebaoth (part 2)

Lesson Eleven - Jehovah Tsebaoth (part 1)

Lesson Ten - Jehovah Shalom (part 2)

Lesson Ten - Jehovah Shalom (part 1)

Lesson Nine - Jehovah M'Kaddesh

Lesson Eight - Jehovah Nissi

Lesson Seven - Jehovah Rophe

Lesson Six - Jehovah Jireh (part 2)

Lesson Six - Jehovah Jireh (part 1)

Lesson Five - Adonai

Lesson Four - El-Shaddai

Lesson Three - Jehovah (part 3)

Lesson Three - Jehovah (part 2)

Lesson Three - Jehovah (part 1)

Lesson Two - Elohim

Lesson One - The Names of God

Other Available Sermon Series

We have provided here a list of different series that have been preached at our church. Please feel free to listen and watch them at your convenience.

Lesson Times

  • Sunday Evening 7pm
Series Starts April 24th

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