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Mike & Cindy Haley

Missionary Information

Name: Mike Haley
Age: 53

Spouse: Cindy Haley
Age: 56

Child: Brock Haley
Age: 30

Child: Emily Haley
Age: 28

Mission Field: Africa

Home Church: Grace Baptist Church
New Castle, Indiana

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions
Harrison, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 8 years


Missionary Update 09/12/2016


Missionary Update 09/07/2016

Dear Family & Friends It is 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning here in Botswana. Cindy and I are scheduled to fly back to the US leaving at 12:30 p.m. today. (We are six hours ahead of EST.) We covet your prayers as we travel today and tomorrow. We’re eager to get home and see everyone. Please pray earnestly for the timely approval of our residence permits. The charismatics have done much damage to the “image” of missionaries in the eyes of the government. I met our lawyer this past Friday and he gave us some encouraging news on developments in the government’s attitude and reassured us that he would “go to bat” for us if necessary. He is the former head of immigration and has a lot of clout!! PTL for Godly men in high places! We enjoyed a blessed Sunday yesterday as we said goodbye till January to the church family. Two ladies, sisters of a faithful lady in the church, who have been much prayed for, visited yesterday and both were saved. Praise the Lord! Another young woman who recently came to Christ and has been very faithful got “stuck” waiting for a drive by taxi for an hour and a half and missed the service yesterday. It broke my heart! Many of these dear people go to great lengths to come to church each week. It reminds me of how blessed we are in America and how “easy” it is for us to be faithful!! Abby and Balang whom we led to Christ a few weeks ago were back in church again yesterday. We encouraged them to be very faithful so they can grow. Would you take just a moment even now to lift them up to the Lord by name. We love you all. I have a full prayer list that I keep listing all of our family, friends, Pastors and churches and I’ll be praying for you specifically over the next couple of days. I appreciate your love, friendship, and fellowship in the gospel. Brother Mike Haley Botswana

Missionary Update 08/30/2016


Missionary Update 08/19/2016


Missionary Update 08/05/2016


Missionary Update 08/01/2016


Missionary Update 07/11/2016


Missionary Update 06/10/2016


Missionary Update 05/27/2016


Missionary Update 05/13/2016


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